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About Us

Life is getting more hectic and overloaded with information nowadays that we often lose sight of the finer things.

Based in Singapore, the creation of LOOMI Group arises from the desire to improve the lives of people like you and me.

LOOMI Group is dedicated to creating and strengthening the vital connection between you and your life, to make it more fulfilling and enriching. To do that, we provide original articles to improve different aspects like health, personal image, spiritual etc, and also source for the innovative items just for you. We also have a sister site www.vitcserum.com.sg to cater to your aspiration for perfect skin.

Why the name “LOOMI Group”, some of you may ask? If you look closely, there is an infinity symbol (or also the number “8”) in the LOOMI logo. In Chinese tradition, 8 is a lucky number for double luck or prosperity. In Feng Shui, the infinity sign symbolizes everlasting abundance and prosperity, something we wish for each and everyone of you out there.

Finally, “LOOMI” is also a play on the word “illuminate”, because that is our primary aim – to illuminate your life. We do what we can, to help you energize, enhance and simplify your life in the best way possible, so that you can achieve your perfect life.