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Debunking 3 Health Myths

Last year we debunked some general myths about food https://goo.gl/rMKn8i. We hope it dispelled some myths about carbohydrates and gluten etc. Let’s check out some more facts or fiction here: Eating Fruit On An Empty Stomach Mothers or elders often …

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Benefits Of Hot Spring & Sauna

Many Japanese indulge in the hot springs, and they would tell you that it is extremely beneficial to health! Similarly, according to a study by the University of Eastern Finland in September 2017, the researchers found that frequent sauna sessions …

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The Pocket Guide To Wine

Recently, a bottle of red wine La Tche, from 1962, was sold for a whopping tag equivalent to that of a Porsche 911. But its authenticity is clouded in doubt, because it was consigned by convicted fraud Rudy Kurniawan who …

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To Sit Or Not To Sit

In modern day, this particular everyday activity has been amplified to the nth degree, mainly due to the work we do. It is an activity that brings comfort, yet it also heralds danger – the activity of sitting. A number …

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