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3 Tips To Create A Crowning Glory Of Beautiful And Healthy Hair

Like what Crystal Aguh, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology, Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, said, “Hair is a cornerstone of self-esteem and identity for many people.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Looks matter a lot, especially in this time of explosive social media influence. We need to look attractive in our skin to be popular and well-liked, and the attractiveness extends naturally to our hair, hence that oft-used description of having a ‘bad hair day’. A lot of hair treatment salons and centres are also enjoying brisk business from people who are losing hair for various reasons, both natural and otherwise.

Here are some areas you can look at to have fantastic hair worthy of a shampoo endorsement!

TIP #1 – Diet

What you see is what you get. While the battle is half won if you maintain your hair in the best way possible, the other half of the battle is won by the right diet.

Consumption of foods rich in vitamins C and E, iron and zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins allows the hair follicles to grow more.

TIP # 2 – Sun

You may put on sunscreen whenever you are out in the sun at the beach, to protect the skin. But what about the hair? Many people don’t realise the rays from the sun also damages the hair, just that it is not so easy to tell what is going on. Look out for hair products that contain UV protection for your hair to prevent the UV rays from damaging it.

3 Tips To Create A Crowning Glory Of Beautiful And Healthy Hair

TIP #3 – Wash

There is a question that many people ask: How often should you wash your hair?

Experts agree that daily washing is a bit excessive. This is because it will strip the hair’s natural oils away, oils that are meant to protect your hair.

Ideally then, washing it with shampoo 2 to 3 times a week should be sufficient. For those who just can’t stand NOT washing their day on a daily basis, they can also rinse their hair, without adding in the shampoo. The water rinse removes dirt and sweat etc without stripping away the natural oils.

At the same time, massage your scalp as you wash your hair to encourage blood circulation. Avoid hot water too, because it can affect the volume of your hair and make it limp instead.

Check out these haircare products!

BONUS TIP: At the same time, if you have been often subjecting your hair to various hairstyles, take note that it could cause the development of traction alopecia. Researchers at Johns Hopkins reviewed 19 studies recently and confirmed a ‘strong association’ between scalp-pulling hairstyles (common among African-Americans) and traction alopecia, a condition whereby hair loss develops from the repeated damage to the hair follicle due to the prolonged and repeated tension pulling on the hair root. Therefore, refrain from using too much force whenever you need to braid or tie your hair.

One of the most important things for is my hair. I’ve always been [careful] about my hair, and I love that my mom and my nana taught me how to take care of it myself. It goes through a lot every day, but I try to keep it healthy. I have to admit, it can get a little dead on the ends.
~Selena Gomez

Treat your hair well, and hair-raising nightmares would steer clear from you!

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