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3 Types Of Common Health Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of, And To Monitor

Sometimes we may exercise and find ourselves in a bind of pain, such as the stomach suddenly cramping up, or the tearing of a ligament, feeling dizzy and unable to continue, experiencing a shortness of breath and so on. Some situations may also happen when you are not exercising. All these could be a sign of our body telling us not to delay any further, to seek treatment.

Here are 3 health symptoms you should be aware of, and to monitor accordingly:

Shortness Of Breath

There are some circumstances that can result in shortness of breath, for instance, exercising at high altitude, or obesity, etc. The latter is now on the rise, as more people are binging on unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle.

However, shortness of breath can also be attributed to more underlying problems, such as asthma, upper airway obstruction, acute loss of blood and even heart attack. It may also be associated with lung problems. If you suspect it may be heart attack-related due to personal or family history, etc; do seek emergency help.

If it is something that has been going on for years, you also need to take note. Needless to say, other associated symptoms that come along, such as fever, constant fatigue, etc are a warning sign from your body.

Unexplained Weight Loss

In the event of a stressful event (e.g. bereavement, divorce, etc), sudden or unexplained weight loss can take place. However, it is also an indication of a serious illness such as an eating disorder (anorexia, or bulimia).

Generally, you should not persistently lose more than 5 – 10% of your body weight over the past 6 – 12 months. Pay attention if you also suffer from unusual fatigue or loss of appetite.

Causes of sudden weight loss can be attributed to depression, cancer, kidney or lung disease and so on.

Persistent High Fever

Fever is such a common symptom that it is not very helpful in making a diagnosis. However, a persistent high fever usually signals something dire. If it is too sustained, with a temperature above 42.2 oC (or 108 oF), it can induce unconsciousness, and can also lead to permanent brain damage.

The usual brief causes of fever stems from bacterial or viral infection, and clears up within a few days, although it can go up to 2 or more weeks. Anything longer may involve infection such as glandular fever, cancer, leukaemia, etc.

One common fever type is night sweat. Unfortunately, it is not usually indicative enough for a diagnosis. However, it can be triggered by the weather (high temperature during the night), anxiety, menopause, gastro conditions, etc.

3 Types Of Common Health Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of, And To Monitor

At the end of the day, learn to be self-aware. If you are in the midst of a strenuous activity e.g. exercise, you should monitor yourself. If you are not feeling well, consider seeing a physician, and don’t force yourself to continue whatever you are doing. You only have one body in this lifetime, and you got to take good care of it!

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