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Benefits Of Hot Spring & Sauna

Many Japanese indulge in the hot springs, and they would tell you that it is extremely beneficial to health!

Similarly, according to a study by the University of Eastern Finland in September 2017, the researchers found that frequent sauna sessions (substantially reduces the risk of high blood pressure. For someone who patronizes the place 4 to 7 times weekly, the risk is 50% lower than compared to others who only sweat it out there once weekly.

Why is the hot spring, or the sauna, so effective? And how does the activity accomplish the benefits?

First, the workings of the practice. Taking the example of the (geothermal) outdoor ones in Japan, they exist naturally, and contain mainly sulphur, though there are also a host of other minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron and so on. The health properties they supposedly confer come from the process when they are dissolved in the heated water. The soaked body absorbs these minerals.

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Before the mineral penetration takes place, something else does first. Due to the heat, the blood pressure and heart rates rises. This is in turn rectified by the body itself as it tries to bring those levels down. As the body tries to achieve equilibrium, the body begins to repair itself.

The temperature of the hot springs vary, around 37 to 44 degrees. Individuals may soak in various pools, starting from the lower temperatures and slowly advancing, or it may just be a single pool.

For the sauna, the individual usually sweats it out in an enclosed room or cabin, no soaking required. However the range of temperature is higher, even heated up to 100 degrees. So it is mainly deep perspiration, with no absorption of minerals. Likewise with the hot spring, the heart and blood pressure are being moderated to enhance health. However, the risk of dehydration is higher, and individuals with cardiovascular conditions should seek professional advice before attempting the sauna.

Benefits of a hot spring soak abound: treating skin problems, chronic digestive issues, diabetes, gout, liver problems, arthritis relief, high blood pressure relief and so on. Similarly, the sauna use have resulted in stress relief, soothing muscle and joint aches, good sleep, improved heart performance and so on.

So besides just retail therapy, exercise, food binge (totally unhealthy), there is a healthier way to reduce the stress and get fit and healthy. Try it! You might love it!

I do yoga every morning, then I run for half an hour and take a sauna.
~ Antonio Banderas

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