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Book Review: Orthorexia

Book Review: Orthorexia

The premise of this book arises from a modern day inspiration – or malady, to some. With a longer life span for most of us, the quality of food that we consume on a daily basis has a huge impact on whether we stay healthy for that longer life of ours, or not.

Yet in this modern day, things are not so easy to predict. The food industry has evolved much. We have healthier and cleaner options now, compared to before. But consumerism has also dumped a lot of additives, preservatives and whatnots into the modern diet.

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Renee McGregor’s Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Bad explores the new phenomenon of (un)healthy eating. The book has 4 chapters.

The first deals with the introductory one – What is orthorexia? Although the term has not been officially recognized, its consequences can already be seen. Because the focus on the body is now much more obsessive, what with the advent of the cruel social media game, people are very conscious of their diet. Coupled with the crazy amount of (mis)information out there about the finer points of diet, we have a disaster.

Chapter 2 focus on the false gold, clearing some of the myths. It delves into the fundamentals of diet, which looks at the main groups e.g. carbohydrates, proteins etc. One of the popular trends, the gluten-free diet, is also explored here, as are the sugar-free, detox diets. It is frightening to see how people can restrict much of their diet so as to cater towards the idea of healthy eating.

Chapter 3: Escaping Orthorexia looks at what we can do to moderate that urge of ours to lean towards unhealthy eating. Meal ideas, case studies are shared in the chapter for the reader to gain an all-rounded perspective. Lastly, Chapter 4 looks at the future, at what one can do, if things start to spiral out of control.

All in all, this is a very informative book. It is for the individual who is concerned about their health, the food they are eating, and whether they are veering towards the symptoms of orthorexia or worse, or still eating well. At the end of the day, we do really need all types of food for a balanced diet, and importantly, for our body to function at its optimum. If you refuse to eat a category due to some reason or another, you are risking your own health. Moderation is really the key here. Don’t heed the needs of (un)healthy eating over the real needs of your body and life.

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