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Debunking 3 Health Myths

Last year we debunked some general myths about food https://goo.gl/rMKn8i. We hope it dispelled some myths about carbohydrates and gluten etc.

Let’s check out some more facts or fiction here:

Eating Fruit On An Empty Stomach

Mothers or elders often warn not to consume fruits on an empty stomach, otherwise it may rot in there.

Whatever we eat, the stomach needs to break it down to absorb the nutrients and clear the toxins. If our meal is heavier than usual, or more on complex food, it would take longer to digest, but have no fear, everything will be digested, nothing will be left rotting inside your stomach.

Picture: AuthorityNutrition.Com

Cold Water Is A No-No

Again, some elders may advise this. It is thought that gulping cold water may not be good, because the body is forced to “warm” up the water as to match its natural temperature, which then may rob some other parts of warmth.

But this is just a myth. We are made of water… In an adult male, water content makes up at least 60% of the body. While we may be able to do without food for sometime, it is water that is more crucial.

In fact, after vigorous exercise, having some cold water helps prevent the body from overheating itself. But most of the time, evidence points to warm or room temperature water helps to aid the digestion process and general circulation, and also detoxifying the body.

Eating Out Increases Cancer Risk

We have seen so many studies on “outside” food, that it is so unhealthy because they add in heaps of salt and sugar. But not every restaurant or café does that. It all depends on the food they are selling, and WHAT kind of raw food material do they use. For instance, they may use a lot of canned food for their dishes, which then introduces more hidden amounts of preservatives, sodium, sugar and salt etc.

A lot of food stuff can cause cancer, not just processed food. What matters is always moderation. If it is possible, try not to eat out too often, because you would be very tempted to order all those processed food. Try and balance out with some simple home-cooked fares. Or choose healthier eateries. In addition, eat more fruits. Drink more water. Exercise regularly. All in all, have a healthy lifestyle.

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