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The Pocket Guide To Wine

Recently, a bottle of red wine La Tche, from 1962, was sold for a whopping tag equivalent to that of a Porsche 911. But its authenticity is clouded in doubt, because it was consigned by convicted fraud Rudy Kurniawan who also sold real coveted wine before, and who is currently serving time in federal prison.

The price tag of such a wine is an example of the length people would go to just to sip that heavenly piece of heaven they think highly of.

Wine is generally made from grapes through a fermentation period, although other fruits e.g. cranberries and plums can also be used to make wine. The yeast in the grape juice converts to ethanol and carbon dioxide. Therefore the quality of the grapes determines the alcohol percentage of the final product.

Man has been drinking wine for the longest time, with the earliest chemically-analzyed grape wine going all the way back to the Zagros Mountains in the 5400 BC, even though archaeological evidence revealed of earlier consumption in the Southern Caucasus region which includes Armenia and Georgia. It is just a source of pleasure to many people that really allows the mind to unwind and relax.

Source: Decanter.Com

As you may know, alcohol is definitely not good for health, when consumed excessively. For instance, it affects the memory, vision and speech of the individual. Alcohol taxes the liver. It is turned into a carcinogenic product called acetaldehyde. In addition, excessive drinking causes the liver to accumulate fat, thereby contributing to fatty liver disease. These are just a few of the side effects.

There are also many studies revealing a decreased heart attack risk etc. With moderated consumption, it supposedly keeps the weight off, keeps the brain mentally agile, improve motor balance and so on.

For women, they should keep to no more than 2 standard glasses daily while men can go up to 3. Each standard glass contains 10 grams of alcohol, or which is equivalent to half a glass of wine (100ml) for a bottle of 15% alcohol content.

Again, the keyword here is moderation.

It is considered binge drinking if you consume 5 or more alcoholic drinks (for men), and 4 or more for women. Alcohol addiction is characterized by a craving for the drink, physical symptoms such as anxiety, sweating and nausea, the loss of social or work ability and so on.

And yes, people can actually die from drinking too much, due to the alcoholic poisoning of the body!



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