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The 3 DOs And DON’Ts Of Writing A Business Blog

The blog, and the process of blogging, emerged in the late 1990s, with the advent of the internet and its many publishing tools. Because of its dummy-proof usage for non-technical users who are not familiar with HTML or computer programming knowledge, the blog flourished and spread like wildfire, with many people now able to publish any form of content on the internet. In this time of the era, the blog is now critically seen as a front-piece of a business. If managed well, the brand achieves success in many aspects.

If you want to create a business blog, the very first thing you must note is the commitment to it. You cannot just post an introductory blog, and then leave not update it for weeks and months. It has to be regular engagement in order for it to work, to reach out to your target audience and market.

To write a perfect blog post to let more know of your brand or business, there are a few things to take note:

The 3 DOs:

Content – This is the most basic aspect of all. HOW is the content supposed to help the reader? If you think about it, millions and billions of blog post are out there in the internet world. What makes yours so special? Why should anyone read it? What are you trying to say? What do you want to say? If you’re a brand, it is likely that you have to weave in the element of help: How does the blog post help the audience or reader in any way?

Language – While not everyone is a grammar teacher, it is vital that the language should be kept simple. Make sure your spelling is correct if possible (woe betide those who spell their brand or any other crucial information wrongly). The post can be further made simple with standardized headings, short paragraphs and lists to make it easier of a read.

Fact – You have to provide the accurate and factual information. Otherwise you would not be deemed credible, and people would steer clear of your brand.

The 3 DOs And DON’Ts Of Writing A Business Blog

The 3 DON’Ts:

Presentation – If you read widely, you would know that the blog posts that get shared and shared on social media and beyond are those that inspires. A blog post cannot just be a presentation of facts. Does it offer solutions? Does it make people think? Does it make the audience want to comment and engage with you?

Technology – In this world of instant information, it is not enough just to write blogs and hope that one avenue achieves your goals. Link your blog to many platforms. Cross-fertilize the many content types such as the video and podcast etc. Make sure everything can be shared and be turned viral.

Wordcount – This is something technical. Due to the shorter attention span arising from information overload, most people have no patience with long articles and blog posts. Make sure your blog post stays within 400 to 500 words. Anything longer can be serialized into a 2- or 3-parter, but no more than that!

EXTRA TIP – You have to consider the matter of hosting. If you use a ready template from a service provider, it is likely that the provider hosts the blog on their server. If your brand is blogging on its own, you would need to find a server or host, something like Bluehost.

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