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5 Easy Ways To Create Creativity

What does the term “creativity” mean to you?

Creativity happens when something new (and hopefully valuable) is formed. Creativity is especially crucial for people who are bakers, architects, teachers, copywriters and so on. In fact, creativity is definitely not restricted to people in the creative industry. Everyone ought to be creative because this means that the individual is able to practice critical thinking, and critical thinking is what encompasses intelligence and the ability to learn.

In order to come up with the many products that solve modern problems, creativity is very much required. When you are able to think out of the box, you create value.

In a study published by University of Toronto, Canada, in March this year, the authors concluded that structured activity essentially kills creativity. A series of experiments were carried out. In one, participants had to make sentences either from a group of organized nouns or from a group of random ones.

Source: HuffingtonPost.Com

Don’t underestimate the power of creativity, especially if you are in a mundane job that does not utilize your talents. If there is no more passion in an individual to create, then it will be a very dull life!

Here are some ways to maintain that creative streak:

Cook – Look at whatever is in your fridge, and cook up a storm with the available ingredients! Or get something you never ate or would consider cooking before, and see what you can come up with it.

Make – Have a set of LEGO or any creative materials and create something new from it. CHALLENGE: Do a multi-media installation, with another different art material.

Draw/Paint – Start a sketchbook (either a small lightweight book or a digital version). Start doodling with a pen or colours whenever you have time to spare. Draw anything; don’t be constrained by any thoughts. To start, draw 30 circles/triangles/squares/rectangles, and see what objects you can create from them!

Write – Write little stories based on eavesdropping. Yes! For once, don’t be plugged in to your usual music while in the commute. Listen carefully to any conversation and come up with a flash fiction on that!

Class – Take up a class on something you don’t know about. It can be a sport, a foreign language or any other mundane and useless thing. This creates new neural networks in your brain and exercises your thinking.

But you don’t have to create things all the time. It is all right to take a break from time to time, just to rest the mind. Take a stroll after dinner, and take a different route to your usual hangout. There can be surprises, or even opportunities, in unimagined ways!

Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.
~ Yo-Yo Ma



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