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Best Movies, Life Lessons: Up

Hello! Welcome back to the 2nd in our series of Best Movies, Life Lessons. In this second part, we are going to look at one of the top grossing films in 2009 – Up. It grossed over 7 billion in worldwide box receipts, even surpassing the second movie of Twilight (New Moon).

For many of you who have seen this animation movie, the tear-jerking opener is one of the most memorable scenes: Ellie and Carl met and fell in love, married, built their home, suffered a miscarriage, and eventually decided to realize their dream, until Ellie passes on of old age.

But of course there is more to the movie than just that, and the pace picks up when Russell, bumbling young Wilderness Explorer, visits him to earn his final merit badge. In keeping his promise to Ellie to visit Paradise Falls, he tied balloons to their house, to make it into an airship. Russell unwittingly becomes a stowaway when the house lifted off. Along the way, they encountered a “mystical” bird, talking dog and one disgraced and disgruntled explorer.

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While this movie looks like a riot of adventures, there are subtle meanings underpinning the plot. Let’s take a look at the life lessons we can glean from this movie:

  • Limit – If someone tells you they can fly a house just on balloons, what is your first reaction? No one believes that – except yourself. The sky is the limit. Many a time we have many dreams and goals, but we see a lot of problems ahead and we give up. Don’t give up! Susan Boyle defied many criticisms and achieved a full singing career when she was 47 years old. At 59 years old, Ray Kroc acquired the company that would transform MacDonald’s into a worldwide phenomenon.
  • Life – While Ellie eventually passes away, their love remains deep in Carl’s heart and memories. We have a limited life span (at least until someone achieves the science of immortality). We only have one life here. Let’s make the best out of it. Love well, be positive and enjoy each day to the best of your ability.

If you have not watched the film yet, do catch it! It is one unique adventure yet heartwarming reminder of what life is about.

The first installment of our series is here if you want to recap it again: https://goo.gl/anuJqL

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