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Best Movies, Life Lessons: Saving Private Ryan

Hello everyone, last year we created the Inspirational series and it was very well-received! Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

This year we come up with another series Best Movies, Life Lessons. As the name goes, the series is about movies – top-grossing titles – and the life lessons that we can learn in order to live a better life.

We start off this series with Saving Private Ryan. This Academy Award Best Director winning movie (by Steven Spielberg) was released in 1998 and was the second top-grossing with worldwide gross of more than US480 million, only to be bested by science fiction disaster drama Armageddon.

During the days of World War II, 3 brothers of the Ryan family perished, with the 4th and last missing in action. Soldiers were then assembled to find him and bring him safely back home. Through a lot of fighting and deaths, James Ryan (portrayed by Matt Damon) was found, but he is determined to stay with his brothers-in-arms. Inspired, they stay to help him against the defence of a bridge.

Picture: Wikipedia.Com

While this is a war movie depicting the past, there are still life lessons that we can apply in real life:

  • Leadership – The Captain of the mission doesn’t shy away from danger, knowing that he needs to lead his men in battle. Some leaders hide behind their men, allowing them to take the bullets first. If you cannot lead with example, you cannot expect anyone to follow and take orders from you. Even if you are not a leader, you can lead by example and help create stronger team effectiveness (provided what is being ordered is the right thing of course).
  • Mistake – The Captain realized that taking the German Pillbox (a military fortification) was a mistake and quickly learned from it. It is all right to make mistakes at work, but you should take ownership for it and learn from it. If you hide the mistake and deny it, or refuse to learn from it and make the same mistake again, the company sees it, and there goes your chance to make it further.

If you look deeper into the movie, there are still other lessons that we can learn from. If you spot any else, let us know!

We hope you like this first part of the series. Feel free to comment or give any suggestions. Next up in the series will be an animation movie, look out for it!

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