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Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year

As a festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, the annual festivities, collectively known as Christmas, has now evolved into a cultural celebration, bringing together many people to also celebrate the end of the year at the same time. Many brands cashed in on the celebratory mood and released great discounts to lure the shopper in. The day itself Christmas is also a formal public holiday in many countries.

Indeed, with the celebration of Christmas, it also means the year is ending, for better for worse. What have you done for the year? A new job? Overcoming challenges? Stuck in the rut for the longest time?

Many a time we often grumble and grouse about our misfortunes, but there are always nearly others who are more unfortunate than us. Most of us would have a roof over our heads, decent clothes to wear, sufficient food to get us by, and a healthy body to continue the path of life. Some others may not be so fortunate, especially in the war torn countries.

Source: HallmarkChannel.Com

If you’re not a Christian, you can still engage in meaningful activities to celebrate the day.

  • Loved ones/family – Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Have a potluck gathering where each one brings a dish to share. What matters is that you appreciate their presence.
  • Strangers (fellow human beings) – Why not visit the old folks’ home to bring cheer to them? You can perform a simple comedy skit or sing some oldies to entertain them. Help out at the soup kitchens in your area if any.
  • Strangers (animals) – Volunteer at the local SPCA and bring the cheer to the lonely animals there too!
  • Time alone – If you prefer to spend the day alone, go ahead. Pamper yourself with a spa package (although the price will definitely not be economical on this special day). Treat yourself to chocolates and wine (in moderation) or a book or movie. If you had set any resolutions at the beginning of the year, review what have happened so far. Any goals attained or not? Any new ones to make for the new year? Or probably never again?

Of course, it would really be good if you could do this on a regular basis, and not just on that day at the end of the year. But if you have not been doing any meaningful activity, let this be a start to a meaningful life for you and others.

We at LOOMIGroup wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2018!



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