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2 Home Remedies To Lessen Those Stretch Marks

With the arrival of a baby, the parents start seeing a change in schedules, such as sleep and their times of freedom. For women, a child herald even more changes, one of them being stretch marks. These marks usually appear on the belly during the last trimester, although they also appear on other parts of the body. The belly stretch marks form due to the tearing of the dermis layers, which occurs due to the rapid stretching of the skin from the rapid growth of the foetus.

Almost all women will get them after childbirth, but a few may not, as genetics also plays a part. There are creams or lotions available that purportedly claims to prevent stretch marks, but there is no evidence of its effectiveness. While the stretch marks eventually fade to faint lines, some may remain darker, with some women preferring to go for laser treatments or microdermabrasion procedures to remove the marks.

Here is a home remedy we found that you can make and apply on areas where you want to avoid stretch marks:

INGREDIENTS 1.      Cocoa butter 2 tablespoons

2.      Coconut oil 2 tablespoons

3.      Lavender essential oil 5 drops

4.      Shea butter 2 tablespoons

5.      Vitamin E oil 10 drops

6.      STORAGE: 01 small mason jar or jelly jar

INSTRUCTIONS 1.      Mix cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter together in a small bowl.

2.      Add in 10 drops of vitamin E oil.

3.      Stir the mixture in a pan (thick bottom) over low heat, until melted mixture is obtained. Whip with whisk for more homogenous mixture.

4.      Remove from heat and add in 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Whisk thoroughly.

5.      Store in mason jar, or other air-tight bottle.

6.      Massage regularly on areas where you want to avoid stretch marks.

If you find this too complex, here is a simple remedy you can make:

INGREDIENTS 1.      Frankincense essential oil 3 drops

2.      Lavender essential oil 3 drops

3.      Sandalwood essential oil 3 drops

4.      Sesame oil 6 teaspoons

5.      STORAGE: Glass bottle

INSTRUCTIONS 1.      Mix the essential oils together.

2.      Add in the sesame oil and blend well.

3.      Store in the glass bottle.

4.      Massage regularly on areas where you want to avoid stretch marks.

2 Home Remedies To Lessen Those Stretch Marks

While many women strive to get rid of their stretch marks through exercise and other means immediately after childbirth, more and more are becoming more open-minded, with some celebrities even showing their stretch marks and embracing the nature of it.

I’m not as hard on myself anymore. I’m comfortable exactly where I am, though it took me until I was 34 years old! I still have things I’m really insecure about, but I’ve changed by loving me – C-section, stretch marks, and all.
– Jenny McCarthy

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