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4 Ways To Survive The Deadly Traffic Pollution Damage To The Skin

If you are a city dweller, brace yourself for this bad news: Traffic pollution is causing a lot of damage to your skin, such as more age spots and wrinkles. According to German researchers, the results of monitoring 400 female participants’ skin condition and the concentration of traffic-associated particulate matter pointed to the fact that the number of age spots increased with the particulate concentration. In fact, modernized cities in the Asian region, and also London and New York are all seeing similar symptoms.

Naturally this is driving the cosmetic companies to make better products to help their customers. At the same time though, doctors are warning that people are making things worse for themselves, because of their daily and common beauty regime.

Dr Mervyn Patterson, from Britain, has this scathing remark about face scrubs:

“The skin is trying to make this wonderful defence mechanism and what do women and men do? They scrub the hell out of it. It just doesn’t make sense.”

There are 2 major types of pollutant category:

Ground-Level Ozone – A kind of noxious gas originating from the toxic vehicular emissions that reacts with sunlight.

Particulate Matter (PM) – Comprises micro particles of acid, chemical or soot from the emissions. Includes nitrogen dioxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

4 Ways To Survive The Deadly Traffic Pollution Damage To The Skin

And here are the ways to clean off those deadly vehicular emissions:

  • Antioxidants – This substance have been stressed so much in so many researches that you should really heed it! You need a LOT of antioxidants counter the free radical-damage. Include them in your daily meals regularly with foods such as blueberry, cranberry, walnut, dark green vegetable, whole grains, black and kidney beans, and omega 3-rich fishes.
  • Protection – We touch on 2 types of protection. First is the mask. If you stay in the heavily-polluted cities where smog is the norm, wear a face mask. It can lend some protection. The other type of protection is not related to vehicles, but still useful advice – If you know you would be out in the sun for too long a time, do put on a protective sunscreen.
  • Sonic Clean – It sounds too avant garde a method but yes, a cleansing sonic device can remove 35.8 times more pollutants than just manually cleansing your skin, according to a product company.

While the face scrub comment by Dr Patterson is debatable, there is one thing you can use – a serum, or to be more precise, a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is present in our skin’s dermis and epidermis layers and is a demonstrated antioxidant substance. It is easily applied, effective and does not leave oily or heavy marks on the skin. Check out this tried-and-tested serum here!

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