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Latest Developments In The Beauty & Skin Industry

Latest Development 1

In September, the Columbia University Medical Centre and the University of North California devised a medicated skin patch. Using it on obese mice, the researchers found that the patch could burn fats, paving the way for possibilities in the fight against diabetes and obesity.

The drugs involved are encased in nanoparticles, many more times tinier than a human hair. The particles are adhered to a skin patch that contains microscopic needles. When applied, the drugs are painlessly introduced into the skin via the piercing of the needles.

Latest Development 2

Talking about diabetes, researchers are getting closer to being able to make insulin-producing cells from skin cells, thereby heralding the end of the disease that has claimed too many people.

By using stem cell techniques, the team from University of Bergen, Norway, has managed to transform skin puncture cells on diabetic patients into cells that produce insulin. The team eventually hopes to transplant the cells under the skin of diabetic people.

Latest Development 3

In June, researchers at the (US) Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that something else other than bacteria is residing on our skin. The archaea, an extreme type of microbe, can be found more on people with dry skin. Archaea are separate from the bacteria and can be found in extreme environment such as hot springs.

In one study, the researchers found substantial colonies of Thaumarchaeota, an archaea that is oxygen-dependant. The archaea oxidizes ammonia, which is a huge component of sweat.

Latest Development 4

A review by researchers from Nagoya University, Japan, is proposing a new disease category of skin disorders.

While people may suffer from dry skin or rashes at some point in life, there are those who are severely affected by chronic skin issues of unidentified triggers.

The group suggested that some skin conditions may actually be autoinflammatory conditions in disguise. These conditions usually reflect an uncontrolled response of the body’s deeper immune system, a response not necessarily attributed to being exposed to an allergen.



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