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The Pocket Guide To Skin Inflammation

Our skin is our armour. It provides us “shelter” from the harmful exposure of the sun, and protects us from the invasion of various pathogens like bacteria and fungus and even insect bites (poisonous or otherwise) and so on.

It is quite common then that one may come across incidents of inflammation in life, unless that person lives within a sterile bubble and not come into contact with ANYTHING. You may see the inflammation as a raised spot on your skin, but it is in fact part of a complex mediated response of our body to the pathogen.

The inflammation site is where our white blood cells and other substances are activated to fight against the foreign organism. Some symptoms of inflammation include: Redness, swelling and pain. The swelling occurs due to the increased concentration of white blood cells and the foreign agent itself. If it is not strong enough, there may be an infection and other symptoms may arise.

Source: CarrickChiropractor.Co.UK

What can you do when you realize there is inflammation on your skin?

You may try a cold compress or apply aloe vera gel to soothe the area. If there is an external injury leading to bleeding, you may flush the area with clean water and seek professional help. If you are not sure of its cause, monitor closely to see whether it subsides in due time and be ready to consult your family physician.

Poor dietary habits may cause such a reaction too, as with extreme weather (heat etc), or even the cosmetics or detergents you use. So you need to be aware of your own body health.



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