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Skin Care Tips For The 30s

As a follow-up to skincare tips in the 20s, let’s take a look at what happens next in the 30s.

In your 30s, things are becoming obvious. The entire metabolism starts slowing down. Your collagen and elastin foundations are getting weaker, allowing wrinkles to form. The cell turnover rate is slowing down. The skin is becoming thinner and drier. Skin damage from over-exposure to the sun may become more obvious, causing dark spots.

Exfoliation – Once you hit the 30s, your skin condition is starting to reveal many undercurrents. As the skin loses its supports, together with cellular decline, you get a buildup of dead skin cells. This is when you start an exfoliation routine, to prevent the dead cell buildup and clean your skin.

Mask – Now is the time to put on the mask. With a declining skin condition, you should fully make use of the night time, where your body begins the healing process during sleep. Put on a nourishing face mask shortly before sleep for the best benefits.

 Serum – An antioxidant serum is a key weapon in your fight against aging. Due to the damage by sun and aging, you need lots of antioxidants fight off the free radicals and repair the skin. Besides the skin, consider something that can be applied around the eyes too. You can consider a vitamin C serum for the best nourishing results.

Moisturizer – While we mention this for the 20s tips, that referred to an as-and-when routine. In the 30s, it would be best if you could moisturize daily due to drier skin.

TIP – As with the decline of other proteins and such, you may also consider using products rich in:

  • AHAs – Alpha hydroxy acids mainly neutralize the free radicals harming our skin. It is also 400 times stronger than vitamins C and E combined!
  • Hyaluronic acid – A substance naturally found in the body, which diminishes due to aging. Among its functions, it allows the skin to retain moisture.
  • Retinol – Also known as vitamin A1. It helps to decrease fine lines, improve skin texture, and diminish dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Maintain your skin well, and people will be shocked that you are in your thirties instead of 20s, and very interested in your skincare regime!

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